April Fools… MLB.


Ok kids, gather ‘round. It’s time I tell you a story about my little baseball team and their surprising start to the 2013 season.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

All jokes aside, with the month of April now over (at least I think it is, the 6 inches of snow outside begs the differ), the Colorado Rockies have succeeded in turning a few heads. In 27 games the Rox hold a 16-11 record and currently hold the top spot in the NL West. In my last blog I talked about the hot start and how it should generate a buzz, even as early as mid April. Maybe not a playoff buzz, but a buzz indicating the Rockies aren’t the typical AAA players on a major league diamond. For that buzz to continue, there are a number of trends the Rockies need to be consistent with. Lets break it down…

First of all, I can’t get over this offense. 141 runs scored in April. Let me say that again… 141 gentlemen wearing the color purple crossed home plate this past month. That leaves the Rockies towering over the NL, by 15 runs in fact. Let’s be honest though, a strong offense was expected considering our line up. But, if you were to tell me pre-season that our lead off hitter would be leading the team in home runs, I probably would respectfully disagree.

The bullpen is pitching well, with only a handful of hiccups so far.  With a reliever ERA hovering at a respectable 3.00, there is still room for improvement. How exactly? Well, the 6.17 ERA from Wilton Lopez alone can easily be considered a factor in the lopsidedness.  Betancourt: 1.59, Escalona: 2.20, Belisle: 2.35, Brothers: 0.73, Ottavino: 1.98. While these are above average MLB numbers, they’re record breaking in Colorado. So where does this great relief pitching come from? Well, it’s a result of the STARTING pitching. The Rockies rotation is eating up more innings this season with our healthy arms back in the line up, and the welcomed success of John Garland. Ultimately, the lighter load has been kind to the bullpen.

Another positive storyline I’ve been following recently is the Rockies depth in the Minor Leagues. Needless to say, Walt Weiss has offense for days! We’ve already seen the much-anticipated promotion of Nolan Arenado, along with Tim Wheeler, Josh Outman and Rob Scahill. In Colorado Springs Charlie Blackmon is flirting with a .400 batting average while Tyler Colvin is obviously playing well. Drew Pomeranz will most likely join the big club with his 4 wins, 2.54 ERA and 34 strikeouts as well. Bingo, that’s the guy we traded for!

Regardless of the depth, the Rox cannot afford any major injuries. Baseball is a game of chess, and you never want to lose your big pieces first. I’m happy to see this is a major concern within the clubhouse, i.e. the Tulowitzki shoulder situation. I won’t go as far as to call it an injury, but Troy’s departure from the game in Arizona was sign of relief. Tulo later said he felt well enough to finish the game, but didn’t want to even take a chance at further aggravating his shoulder. This change in his decision making will hopefully help propel him to 150+ games in the line up.

So there you have it. We can all rejoice in the fact that our beloved Rockies are winning ball games and raising a few eyebrows in the process. That being said, I’ll consider it a disservice to yourself and the team if you don’t knock on wood every time you pass it.


Too Early To Celebrate?


You watch SportsCenter, you listen to sports radio, you read the columns where every now and again you see the “Is it too early to panic..?” headlines.

Every season it seems inevitable. A team with high expectations will start to struggle, and spark the panic debate. This year it was the Lakers in the NBA, the Eagles in the NFL, and if I had to peg a team in baseball so far, it would undoubtedly be the Angels. With a high payroll, comes high expectations. No way around it.

Right now I want to consider the opposite circumstance. When a team exceeds expectations, does the question then become, “Is it too early to get excited?” How strong of an argument can be made for basement team from last year, starting the new season on top? Is the Colorado Rockies 11-4 start to the 2013 season putting them on analysts’ radars? Or do they think that it is too early to consider them playoff contenders?

Yes, I understand there are 147 more games to play, and the Rox haven’t faced much in the way of stiff competition, (sans the SF series in which we were swept). But, this is the momentum and confidence I haven’t seen at 20th and Blake in a long while. In order to make it through 162 games and finish on top, winning needs to be part of a team’s culture and mind set. They have to know they can win, and take the field everyday expecting to do so; and 11-4 is a great start to building that culture. Last season, the boys in Purple lost the spark almost immediately with god awful pitching, and the offense not thriving like it is now. It is hard not to get excited when you take a look at the standings and see the bold letters ‘COL’ atop the NL West. Barring any major injuries, I think this whole winning thing can really become a trend in Denver.

A few reasons why….

1. The best defense, can be good offense. We score  A LOT of runs. The pitching is hanging in there, and that’s all it needs to do. Of course, anyone would like to see them all put together quality starts day after day, but it most likely wont happen. It can though, I truly believe that. It’ll just take some time. Until then, Colorado is looking to win like the 2009 New Orleans Saints did…. the defense will allow points, but the offense can always outscore the mark.

2. We’re healthy right now. That may be a bold statement seeing as the season is so young, but a look around the league shows there are already a few teams short handed with big names on the DL. So knock on wood. That’s about all we can do here.

3. We’re aggressive. This was the main objective Walt Weiss had coming in to Coors Field. He wants to run hard, play gutsy and take chances. Given the fact I’ve seen Michael Cuddyer steal a few bases already is strong evidence he wasn’t joking. The hit-and-run is already producing well, and you can tell our middle of the line up guys spent some time getting it right this Spring.

So, is it too early to get excited’?  I think not.  I’m excited.  Denver is excited. Winning is about momentum and confidence, and right now our boys have both. At this point last season, the Rockies were 8-7. That’s already a spread of 3 games after the first 15; which, come September, can be the difference between a playoff race and booking early tickets to the beach. So, early as it may be, these games mean just as much as any other this summer. Don’t tell me these early wins will get diluted as the season reaches August and September. The Rangers lost the AL West on the last game of the season in 2012. You don’t think they would have appreciated ONE simple win in April given the circumstances?

You tell me.

The One Day of the Year….


It’s the one day of the year, all baseball fans truly look forward to.

It’s the one day of the year, where no matter how your team finished last season, you’re in first place now.

It’s the one day of the year, people will plan a party. Even if they don’t do the same for other occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries.

It’s the one day of the year, when getting any work done is an absolute joke.

It’s the one day of the year, we can make a single game out of 162, seem like the Super Bowl.

It’s the one day of the year, where the DL is hopefully empty.

It’s the one day of the year, the Huston Astro’s will hold a lead on the AL West. (Sorry)

It’s the one day of the year, you realize no other sport has such a jubilation when their season kicks off.

It’s the one day of the year, it’s not weird for me to wear lots of Purple to a client meeting. (Happening in about 20min)

It’s the one day of the year, rivalries seem bigger than they would mid season.

It’s the one day of the year, I can dish out an entire year’s worth of high-gives in an afternoon. (Happening in about 45min)

It’s the one day of the year, I’m so happy to be a baseball fan.

It’s Opening Day.

Because Baseball Will Love You Back


I realize a lot of the writing I post on here is insight on sports and my opinion on things I cannot change. Right now I’d like to stray away from that and use this blank canvas to talk about myself and how different a person I am now, than I was on January 30th, 2013. I’ll apologize for the candidness and honesty in advance. This post will also be about the MLB Fan Cave, as if that wasn’t obvious. While I see a number of the other Top 30 contestants who did not get selected provide their concession speeches in various ways, I’ll trust in my writing to really express everything.

I think its fair to say there are very few moments in life that will impact a person so heavily, it’ll seem like the clouds are parting just for you. My entire life has been an absolute roller coaster. There have been a lot of ups, and there have been some seriously demoralizing downs. But amidst it all I’ve always had this knack for keeping my bubbly personality in check, and doing my best to just have fun. I always figured this character of mine would just make me a good friend, and periodically a pleasure to be around. Never did I think it could so inadvertently, be a resource for employment. Last year, when I stumbled upon the Fan Cave website… it was like PB&J man, absolute harmony. I followed the contestants and found I was loving the program because the people living out this dream were all the same person. And that person is me.

My love for the game of baseball is an anomaly that I can’t explain. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got it figured out, but soon after I’ll still surprise myself. Its no secret I love any and all sports, but for whatever reason baseball has always been the center of my world. It’s such a lovable game and the history behind its evolution is incomparable. Pair all of that with being a fan of what seems like the most overlooked franchise in baseball. A team with very little success in 20 years, and I think you’ve got the true definition of an all weather fan. Over the years I’ve been complimented as well as chastised for my love of the game. An old girlfriend once asked why I could be so into a game that lacks excitement and is played just the same every damn day. I think the saying goes, “When you know, you know.” Thankfully I didn’t share the same sentiment with her.

When the day rolled around this winter for me to put my hat in the Fan Cave ring, I have to be honest, I almost didn’t apply. I saw such talented people go through this process in the past, and my notable lack of confidence kept me thinking, “What do I have to offer that they haven’t already seen 20,000 times.” I saw the Fan Cave as the ultimate experience, the very top. So my immediate notion was, no way. I’m not the kind of person who is awarded these kinds of things, so lets move on. Luckily I have a wonderful support system with my friends and family and this experience didn’t pass me by.

Last week when the call came through that I wasn’t selected, it was tough. I mean REALLY tough. I was in the middle of a live show at the radio station and when I returned from answering the phone, the task of keeping our content alive was simply impossible. There’s phases to it also, at first you don’t believe it, but a few days after when it sinks in… you can’t sleep. It’s a rough experience, especially after all I’ve been through and worked so hard to accomplish. In the aftermath its been hard trying to justify how broken up me and 20 other people are over this. Especially in my surroundings, the Fan Cave just seems like another sweepstakes to most people.

It’s hard to realize it right now, but in time I know I’ll have nothing but a good outlook when I think about all I’ve been through. It’s been said a million times, but  I met 29 of the most amazing people a baseball fan could ask for. I’ve kept in touch with most of them after Arizona and its been a treat. The past month or so is such a unique experience that when you share it with others, its a real opportunity to create strong friendships. Will I apply again? I’m not sure, but I’m leaning towards probably not. The thought of this feeling a second time through is daunting. However its not impossible (i.e. Travis) to return from a loss and pick up a win. So we’ll just have to see where I am in life and where I am mentally, come next Fall.

Right now I’ll have to move on and look into what doors are still open for me, even though the ones on 4th and Broadway have closed. One positive I’ve taken away from this is the realization that I HAVE to work in Baseball. My employment history has always danced around it, and I’ve always kept my eye out for an opportunity. Where I stand now though, it’s a must. Cave or no Cave, I can’t see myself more motivated to excel than I can making a living with this game.

As for 9 other people, their journey is just beginning. It may seem prototypical for me to say the winners are amazing individuals who will truly bring MLB to another level, but its the absolute truth. I’m not trying to be political here, there is so much talent packing their bags right now, its insane.

Nick, a great guy with a good head on his shoulders, and I’m positive he’ll act as the in-house content writer. Very funny. If you still believe the myth that all Sox fans are pricks and obnoxious, just say hi to Nick.

Danny, you’ve got the ability to make anything entertaining. Whether it be making s’mores in a microwave or messing with people on a dating app, you’re almost too clever for your own good.

Aaron, outgoing and enthusiastic are two perfect adjectives for you, but somehow they don’t quite say it. You’re willingness to participate and keep a group active is bar none.

Alex, I have to say I was surprised meeting you. You come from a fan base notorious for being out control at Ohio State (refuse to write THE, not happening) and you’re affection for Paramore suggests you’re a raging rock star. Which you absolutely are, but at the same time, such a sweetheart. Following baseball with a love for your team and city, regardless of the championship drought. That’s a sports fan folks.

Mina, from what I hear your elevator pitch put you over the top. Sometimes creativity cannot be measured, and in this case I believe you’ve got an endless amount to offer the Cave and its growth.

April, I admire you. You have the weight of a nation on your shoulders right now and you could not be more confident. Not to mention I thought I was well versed in baseball knowledge, not even close after chatting with you.

Marcus you’ve got the best banter to offer the Cave. I appreciate your opinionated outlook on the game and I had no idea you actually walked out on a Prom date to catch a few innings. Thats fantastic, well done.

Ben, I regret not getting you know you as well as others while in AZ, but I can tell you have a sarcastic sense of humor that I can get right on-board with. And coming from UCB, I hope to see some really witty stuff this summer.

Travis…. bro. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more happy for someone. In the very short time I’ve known you, I can clearly see your passion for this experience. Right now I sit discouraged to take another crack at this whole thing, but seeing you on that website I can honestly say is encouraging. I’m not sure we’ll ever see another Dweller more invested in helping the Fan Cave grow. Ever.

I really do admire all of you and wish you guys the best of luck this summer. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t overflowing with jealousy but thats just how it goes.

I have to say thank you to everyone who has shown their love and support throughout this whole process. It was humbling to see the people that mean so much to me, and even some friends I haven’t spoken with in a while, all stand behind me with their encouragement.

As for now, I need to focus on the impossible task of getting back to real life. It won’t be easy and I don’t expect it to, but the opportunities I have in front of me are a nice distraction. Opening Day is right around the corner, and I could not be more excited for it. Baseball is baseball people. On the day I was called, my sister came to see me not yet knowing I had been rejected. She wanted to give me a baseball she had signed by Todd Helton. I can’t even describe to you the irony of the situation and how unbelievably emotional I was to realize there is so much more to my fandom than a summer in New York. At that point in time, I was under the impression my baseball dreams were dead. But in a simple gesture of kindness I was reminded that baseball will go on and I could never give up on it. I’m walking away with a new appreciation and respect for the game and for myself. I’ve got a lot to look forward to and you had better believe I’ll be wearing my jersey to work on April 1st as the players take the field to open the season.

Thanks for listening and Go Rockies.


Baseball Makes The World Go ‘Round


A friend recently asked why the World Baseball Classic is so young, and why this year is only the 3rd tournament. My answer… baseball may be the most storied sport here in the US, but it’s only beginning to grow on a global level.

In 2008, Baseball (along with Softball) was removed from Olympic competition, becoming the first event to be voted out since Polo in 1936. No thanks, don’t appreciate being grouped in a category with Polo, sorry. International baseball took a bit of a hit with the Olympics being the most exposed global platform. This was not a fun time for the “Dream Team” enthusiasts in baseball.  Not only was it disappointing to see a favorite sport leave the international stage, but to think it was ‘voted out’ just sucked.

To be honest however, we didn’t truly see the ‘Dream Team’ rosters like Basketball and Hockey do at the Olympics, primarily because the summer games emerge right in the middle of most MLB pennant races in August. Therefore, big names were usually absent. With that, a lot of MLB prospects in the Minors were given a chance to represent their countries. I remember learning about this guy named Dexter Fowler while watching the Beijing Games in 2008. Who knew right?

When Baseball officially departed the Olympics, the WBC took a step forward. It had already been played once before in 2006, but you probably didn’t know that. Which is surprising, seeing as the roster boasted some big names like Griffey, Jeter, Utley, Clemens and A-Rod. Some may argue that last bit, but in my opinion the WBC went un-noticed in ’06.

A few years later, the 2009 Classic rolled around and here we are now in 2013 with Japan a 2-time champ, all the games televised and countries like Brazil (a nation only focused on soccer) playing for a world title. Its amazing to say the least.

With the contest tactically placed in early March, where more players are interested and able to participate outside the regular season, the ‘Dream Team’ rosters come together. The Rockies are playing an exhibition game against Team USA right now and I’m loving how every at-bat is a perennial All-Star. There is a lot of repetition in baseball, I think we play the Dodgers some 18 times this season. So hitting the refresh button and watching these games is incredibly entertaining. Not to mention, we get to see our favorite players represent their respective countries. I had no idea Andruw Jones was a citizen of the Netherlands!? Thank you World Baseball Classic.

Ultimately, what I love most about the WBC is the new sense of team pride. Its different than what you see in the MLB. This is a player’s country their stepping to the plate for, and when you consider some of them, it can mean so much more that a golden trophy. Venezuela is playing for a broken nation with political turmoil and divided feelings over the death of Hugo Chavez. Japan is playing for a 3rd World championship to solidify themselves as the best of the best, before anyone else even has a chance. Lastly, Brazil is playing to give another beloved sport, the chance to rival that of Pelé and Ronaldo. Its kinda beautiful actually.

It can be argued these players are the best on earth, and the WBC is quite literally the “World” Series. Lastly, and I think it goes without saying, USA! USA! USA!

Spring Training Round-Up


So far its been quite an eventful Spring Training in Arizona as well as Florida. A couple injuries, a couple returns and even a couple surprises. Thought I would real quick give the rundown on where my beloved Rockies stand, along with a few other teams…

The Detroit Tigers have probably raked in the most attention so far with their duo of sluggers, Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. Miggy has LAUNCHED two balls out of the park, both of which had analysts reaching for the record books to check the distance. While, Fielder had a home run of his own that may have lept the right field wall, but his bat flip takes home the Oscar. First off the crack of the bat you hear rivaled that of a video game and you gotta love the showmanship he put forth with the bat flip. First day back and I’m already thinking “Oh yeah, I forgot. He’s amazing.”

Also in the AL, the New York Yankees took a step backwards with Curtis Granderson leaving Sundays game after being hit by a pitch and fracturing his right arm. Though its not a season ending injury at all, its just another injury notch on the Yankees belt this season. A-Rod, Granderson, Rivera, Jeter. Lots of variables on the plate for NY here in 2013. Lucky for Yanks fans, it happened early in Spring Training, so his Regular Season time missed won’t be as bad as it could have.

In the NL, I’m keeping a close eye on Stephen Strasburg, especially with the whole PED cloud hovering above Gio Gonzalez. It’s fair to say Strasburg is the Ace of that staff already, but with Gio possibly facing suspension, this young phenom will have to carry more than expected. It may seem early to judge that here in Spring, but his attitude during these seemingly insignificant games will show how invested he is. The term “work-horse” comes to mind and seeing as he was inning-limited last year, this spring will help shape him for a full season.

Annnd then there’s the Rockies. So far 2-2 in AZ, but unfortunately showing the same struggles we saw during the regular season last year. No trouble putting runs on the board, but pitching can’t seem to keep themselves in check. In 4 games they’ve allowed 13 runs. Not great… not horrible, but not great. We did hold Texas to 1 run though, so good news considering that offense. Francis has only pitched 2 innings so far (2H 0ER), but my prediction that he will start opening day and pitch well this year, is still intact. Josh Rutledge is also playing like a champ, notching a 3 hits and 4 RBI’s in the opening game. Yes, we knew he could do that, but I liked to see him blend well with Tulo on the defensive side. That will be the middle infield of our future!

It must be said that only 4 games in the Cactus League are nothing to write home about, however we could be 0-4 with zero confidence as a team right now. So yeah… I’m good.

Raising Arizona


I know @BertsBall has cornered the photo blog concept market, but I like his style so I’m playing copy cat here. The following is a picture and text portrayal of what my life has been like for the past 48 hours.


I woke up Monday morning with a lot to be excited about. One of which being my flight was out of Vail/Eagle and not Denver. For those who are unfamiliar, thats a driving difference of about 2 hours. Verrrry Nice, good looking out MLB.

One of the most fun couple of hours I’ve had so far also was waiting for the plane above. Dodger fan Tom Roberts and I, decided to kill some time with a Twitter Photo battle. Seeing who could place their teams hat in the most creative places. Below is probably the best I got, aside from an attempt at the planes pilot. Thank you TSA for being nice and not arresting me for that request by the way, much appreciated.


After finally arriving in Phoenix, I met up with two fellow #FanCave30 contestants Christine Lorigo (Phillies) and Hayden Moss (D-Backs). Great people and officially my first Fan Cave Friends.


That night we had a wildly surreal time getting to know the rest of the #FanCave30. Now, when I say get to know, I don’t mean ask who are you, because we’re all very familiar with who everyone is and looks like thanks to our submission videos. But we’re still perfect strangers in a sense, so meeting some one you already know, is a fun experience. 

The next day we were riding in style, if you can ever trot around a city in your own branded bus…. I would absolutely recommend it. Real, “Look Mom, I made it” kind of moment. 


In this ballin’ bus, we made our way to Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, otherwise known as the black hole in Rockies Baseball. I have no idea why we have such trouble playing here, but we do. So I took a tour around, in order to find out what curse lies upon this ballpark. The answer was southwest egg rolls by the way, those things were  fantastic. 


While at Chase, we got a chance to meet some of the MLB Crew as well as give our :60 sec elevator pitch and interview. I think I did well in mine. A lot of the other 30 brought props and items from their baseball past. With that, it was cool to really see the different personalitites. Plus, we were locked off in a locker room for over an hour, so “bonding experience” would be an understatement. Ultimately is was a great time, my favorite experience had to be a group of us just hanging out and talking baseball for a few hours. That’s something I rarely get to do at home, so it was something I’ll for sure take away from this whole experience. 



Later on after a day in the park we we’re able to let loose. We sat down to dinner, enjoyed a few drinks, played baseball trivia with Eric Byrnes and Former Cave Dweller Ricardo Marquez, and of course killed it at karaoke. Andrew and I decided to Rick-Roll Chase Field. All of which was hosted at the center field patio, The D-Back were great hosts, couldn’t have asked for a better venue. 

Do not tell anyone from CO I said that.



Eric Byrnes and Ricardo Marquez






So now we’re here today, the second and last day we’ll all be together as the #FanCave30. I was ecstatic about the itinerary too, we were in bound to Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. The Rockies training facility here in AZ. Oh yeah…. we share it with the D-Backs too. Whatever.


Unfortunately, Phoenix was experiencing some bad weather and our plans derailed. But, I still had a great time roaming Salt River and I can’t wait to come back for some baseball! We did get to film a pretty fun commercial for EvoShield though, an arm guard that Tulo endorses. That was a cool testament to how much the Rockies were center stage today. Yes, people.. your in my house! Despite the weather, I was able to find that baseball spark I love in AZ. See photo below for evidence….



In the end, this has been an incredible experience. The whole MLB staff has constantly reminded us that we’ve made it to a level not a lot of other baseball fans have. This is an accomplishment in itself. Whether you get an invitation to New York or not, you can’t regret a single moment that’s brought you here. I’ve met some amazing people who I look forward to staying connected with, especially throughout the season. Finally some people to rant baseball with on a daily basis! I’ll sleep happy tonight knowing I’ve given it my all, I’ve left nothing on the table and I can only hope the person and fan I am, is the match MLB is looking for. If not… oh well I did get a cool new sweatshirt. 





So what had happened was….


Ok so… I’m in Arizona right now. I’ve met 29 new friends (A+ Fan Cave, good people) and I’m about to leave for what will be my first of hopefully many days with the MLB Fan Cave. I’ll have to keep this short, but I wanted to blurb out a few of my experiences. 

The flight was long, the weather is warm, my room is awesome, the people are great, I love baseball.

Seriously though, this has been a crazy couple of hours and I’m not sure I can do it any justice trying to explain it all at the moment. When I have a chance to kick back and collect myself, I’ll be sure to give the full rundown! But now, I’ve got to leave for Chase Field. One more ballpark, off the list.

Alrighty then, bye bye now…


Moving Forward… and on to Cleveland?

As I mentioned, I’ve been lucky enough to make the MLB Fan Cave Top 30 and I’ll be heading out for AZ next week! One thing I do want to mention though, the voting process is over, but my campaigning is not. I still very much want to keep the Fan Cave chatter and buzz, at an all time high here in Colorado. So keep tweeting, keep Facebooking and any media coverage that can be offered… get at me! Aside from my own self benefit, I love the state wide support I’ve seen shift towards the Rockies as well during this process. The season is less than 50 days away, so lets get people excited for some baseball!

I’ll NEED to hear and see it. Because when you start talking summer and baseball in a town where people want nothing but winter and deep snow all year… its gets lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I’m at my happiest when the bowls are clear with a fresh 8 inches, on a bluebird day. But the first day I walk out and get that warm glare of spring-ish sun… I’m over it. Bring me baseball.

In Rockies news, I want to chat Jason Giambi for a bit. I’ve had a chance to calm down (sort of) and I’ve given the whole situation a run through. Verdict? I don’t get it! He clearly still wants to play, so we can’t use the “he’s done, he’s old” excuse. We’ve been a great home for him over the past 3 1/2 years, we’ve embraced him as an idol. Ok, check off “Because he didn’t feel welcomed” from the list. What happened????? I’m sure the Rockies would have kept him in the position he wanted at a major league level, but for some reason a Minor League contract was more enticing????

The only thing I can assume is there was a little turmoil with G and the front office after the manager hunt. It’s no secret Jason wanted the position, but the Rockies went another direction. So possibly the situation of him jetting for CLE is a “something happened behind closed doors” ordeal.      “Have I used enough quotations in this post yet?”

Ultimately I’m not sure he’s going to play now that Michael Bourn is on the roster. The newly acquired Bourn will move the newly acquired Nick Swisher to 1st base, while the also newly acquired Mark Reynolds will probably DH. Thus the only 25-man spot, newly acquired Jason Giambi can hope for, is part time DH and pinch-hitter. Wow, the Tribe looks quite different this year huh? No doubt in my mind, he’s probably the best in baseball for a position like that however. Especially considering the benefit he brings to the locker room. But I feel like they signed him to a minor league contract for a reason.

Regardless, he’s not in Denver anymore and I’m broken up about it. He was so fun to watch and have play on our little ball club. He was an amazing influence on our young players and every time he stepped up to the plate, it was a game winning or game losing situation. It’s wild for me to say that I idolize Jason Giambi, after I in fact despised the guy for quite a while. He was a big shot who left a small team for big money with the Yankees. All while using steroids and getting involved in the whole BALCO fiasco. Needless to say, I REALLY did not like him and what he was doing to baseball. So after it all I consider myself lucky that he took the Minor League deal with Colorado Springs and eventually joined us at 20th and Blake. I was given a chance to see what a fun loving guy he really is and that’s what I plan to take away from it all. I’ll continue to wear my Giambi shirt, and cheer for him in Cleveland. I just wish that when he finally waived his ball cap to the crowd for the last time, it would have been a black cap with a big “CR” on it.

Oh well… such is life and such is baseball. Good luck Giambino.


Today Was BONKERS!!


So… I applied for this kinda job, kinda dream project right. It’s called the MLB Fan Cave and I’ll get to quite literally “live baseball” day in and day out. Well, so far it’s going really well. In fact you might say me and the Fan Cave and I are getting along just swimmingly. One thing though… I haven’t met the Cave yet.

Challenge! Accepted!

This afternoon I was in a chaotic environment. I was furiously blurbing out absolute nonsense (though some would argue, pure gold) through Twitter and Facebook. Begging my friends to cram as many last minute votes as possible before the 3pm buzzer. It was like a virtual newsroom in panic. Twitter had almost all of the Top 52 candidates flooding the gates with anything clever they could think of to solicit a few final votes. It may have been tho most exciting thing I’ve ever done on my phone at work. Which is actually saying a lot, I’ve got some killer apps.

Shortly after the clock strikes 3pmMST and voting ends. Twitter quiets for a minute. I’m not even kidding there was nothing. Which never happens, people are always tweeting, so for a minute I’m actually thinking “Oh my god, we broke it.” So many desperate pleas for votes, killed Twitter.

Obviously not though, Twitter is a beast. What had happened was all of us immediately turned to the Fan Cave’s website and quietly stared at the screen. I was wide-eyed staring at my mine with the nervous anticipation of a new father waiting outside the delivery room.

ADD moment, MLB Network ticker just said Jim Thome is a FA still. O’Dowd, give him a cheap one-year to pinch hit in Denver. Easy peasy. 

So anyways… The refresh finally gave me the page update I was looking for. Calder Daniel Cahill, you are in the Top 30. Immediately I counted all the videos to make sure I wasn’t still looking at the 52. Counted 30, threw my hands in the air, and proceeded to throw myself a dance party of one. It was an awesome feeling, but I’m still interested in a better one. A New York feeling.

I leave for Spring Training next week, where we’ll be involved in a number of challenges. I’m still not to sure what’s on the itinerary, but it’ll be my first time to Arizona for it. Did Florida a few years back, but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion this will be a better trip. The wildest part will for sure be meeting up with people I’ve gotten to know real well over the past two weeks, but still meeting for the first time. Can’t wait though, good people.

Ultimately I’m ready for it. My state of mind is perfect right now. I’m humbled and understand I’m lucky to be where I am, while at the same time I’m eager for more. I absolutely relish at the opportunity to bring a Rockies presence to the Fan Cave. I’ve said it a million times, this is such a lovable franchise that I want the whole world to be apart of. We don’t have a strong shot to win the Series this year, so it will be tough for anyone to pay us any mind. But that can’t be all baseball is about people. I don’t always go to the game, just to watch the team play, keep up with every pitch and demand a win. I sometimes buy a ticket because its a great place to sit down, have a beer and chat with friends. Thats what being a fan is.. support, celebrate and be in the presence of your team. A sentiment I will happily bestow on the Major League Baseball Fan Cave.

So yeah, that was my day. I’m tired and I have to be up early tomorrow so I can find my summer shorts and flippy floppys. Arizona baby!! It’s like 6 degrees in Vail right now, this is gonna be great!